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Smile Design

Smile design is a term used last decade in cosmetic dentistry in order to cover the whole procedure of creating a harmonious smile instead of the existing disharmony in the patient. Smile. Smile design includes the planning and foresight of the desired results in patients  cosmetic surgery in accordance with certain rules relating to the shape of the face, lips, smile, teeth and gums.

The smile that we feel beautiful and pleasing to the eye, in addition to the position, shape, slope, visibility and color of teeth, important factors that we must consider the harmonious flow of the gums and its visibility when smiles and shape of the lips and lower face.

Led by the most common rules of the golden section (Golden cut, Leonardo da Vinci) and other parameters for the harmony of the teeth, smile and gum, paying special attention to the individuality of each work and personal characteristics of each patient, so that the final results were fully consistent each patient individually .