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veneers1One of the most common ways of improving a smile is by setting porcelain veneers. They are thin, translucent shells, which stick to the front surface of the teeth. By using them we can change the shape, size, position and colour of the natural teeth, correct orthodontic irregularities or replace old non-aesthetic composite fillings. Even though no form of cosmetic dentistry can replace good oral and periodontal hygiene, ceramic veneers, which are installed on top of your natural teeth can simply correct and brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence. Veneers are an aesthetic substitute, which are used to reduce the spacing between your teeth and for treatment of coloured teeth, cracked enamel and tooth decay.

Advantages of veneers are:

  • Minimal reduction of teeth by grinding – approximately 0,5 mm, much smaller then grinding crowns
  • Very natural look – the porcelain imitates enamel of the natural teeth and reflects light in the same way and that is why the veneer has the same shine as a natural tooth
  • Do not darken – veneers do not change colour because their surface is smooth as glass
  • They are the most ˝gentle˝ procedure for the gum – there is no inflammation and recession of the gum

In order to create veneers, most often only two visits are required. At the first visit, old fillings are removed, teeth are grinded, and an imprint is taken and the colour of the teeth determined. Afterwards, the imprint is sent to the lab where human veneers are produced. Upon leaving the dentist’s office the patient is provided with temporary veneers. After a few days the final piece is cemented. Even though the porcelain itself is fragile after cementing it on the tooth, it then becomes hard and durable.