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Therapeutic treatment of root canals is the most frequent endodontic procedure.

Treating tooth inflammation means the removal of the tooth nerve tissue and a thoroughly cleaning of the entire root canal content. After the disinfection of the canal, it is filled in with permanent fillings. We use special materials through out therapy and an electronic determination of the location of the root canal end, special detectors for finding the entrance into the canal, radiological determination of the number and location and mechanical cleaning and treatment of the canal walls. Thanks to the latest equipment and utilization of highly qualitative procedures adapted to every tooth, we achieve high results in the treatment of the tooth.

A very important part in gaining healthy teeth, having a recovered oral cavity and a refined appearance plays the proper dental care and the removal of dental plaque in the sense of less and more visible plaque on the teeth. If the plaque is not removed by proper hygienic measures, it gathers and brings about paradonthosis. Various micro-organisms in the tooth plaque multiply quickly and produce acids that are dangerous for the enamel, showing later white pigmentation. That is the beginning of tooth damage – caries, spreading fast and destroying the tooth structure.