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Dental prosthetics is a discipline of stomatology, which deals with replacing lost tooth, crowns, bridges, veneers and complete or partial prosthesis. Apart from a functional role, prosthetics also play an aesthetic role in correction of existing teeth.

The lose of several teeth requires esthetic and functional reconstruction. We use only the
best porcelain materials of the highest quality in order that your smile seem as natural as  possible.

Dental prosthetics and implant prosthetics have achieved their greatest successes using new technologies and materials. Precision and production speeds have increased, as well as function and the aesthetics of the prosthetic work has been perfected greatly.

Because of inherent, and over the years acquired, deficiencies in the appearance and number of teeth, the need for their replacement and correction is required. In a certain period of life, existing teeth no longer satisfy aesthetically or even functionally.