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Nonmetal ceramics (zircon)

bruxzir-cirkonTeeth, dental restorations, bridges and crowns made up of ceramic can truthfully reproduce the previous state, as well as adjust and correct the colour, shape, size and position of the teeth. Materials based on zirconi are today increasingly pushing aside classical metal – ceramic bridge and crown procedures. Zircon is the latest material, which is used for constructing bridges and crowns. It is characterized by top quality aesthetics, biocompatibility, precision and strength

Advantages of non-metal ceramics are:

  • The look that is characterized by natural colour, shape and light permeability
  • Less teeth grinding
  • Computer based precision and production
  • Extreme strength and high resistance to breakage
  • Easier cleaning of teeth and surrounding gums
  • Reduced irritation of the gums
  • Elimination of risks arising  from metal edge of the crown caused by gum recession
  • Precision of edge closure
  • Greater patient comfort