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A painless, quick, short and safe procedure that is preformed within our dental office, every patient is individually treated according to thair  x-ray pictures and the condition of their jaw bone.

Dental implants are made of titanic screws that are surgically placed in healthy bone in order to replace non existing roots. Implants are factory made and the package is opened  just before the implantation is to take place. If the patients hygiene is correctly maintained the implantation is successful 95% of the time.

During the procedure

Before implant procedure, it is necessary to establish the current state of health of your teeth and gums. Based x-ray or 3D imaging the quality of the bone and anatomy of supporting structures is evaluated, after which implant therapy is carefully planned. Through conversation, the client is informed in detail with all the phases of implant procedure and therapy is adjusted to needs and expectations of the client. The implant is surgically embedded into the bone under local anesthesia, so the procedure itself is very quick and completely painless. The first step is to remove existing tooth (step 1). After placing the screws in the jaw, necessary healing time is from 3-6 months during which the implant grows with the bone - a process called osseointegration (step 2). During the healing process, if the implant has a primary stability, temporary crown can be worn. Once the surrounding bone tissue grows together with the implant and thus ensures stable root for the new tooth, gingiva-former is placed on the implant that shapes gums for dental prosthesis. A week or two later, after healing and shaping of the gums (step 3), superstructure and ceramic crown is fixed on the implant, which gives the person superior functional but also aesthetically pleasing solution (step 4).


Methods of implants

Classical methods of dental implants

Classical methods of inserting dental implants is done in 2-3 stages. First, the natural tooth is pulled out, then the implant is inserted into bone and the final ceramic crown is made and fixed onto the implant. This implementation leaves a lot of time to heal between phases. Until a permanent crown is set, the client wears temporary crowns.

Fast methods of dental implants
Fast implant method is used when the stages 2 and 3 are performed in a few days, but there are some prerequisites for dental implants before the procedure.