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Mobile prosthodontics

Complete denture

DentureComplete denture replaces all missing teeth in upper and/or lower jaw. In upper jaw it sticks directly to mucous membranes and its retention is aided by vacuum, while in lower jaw it sticks to mucous membranes by force of gravity and by using the area of oral cavity where there is no muscle activity that could detach it from its base. Complete dentures are made of acrylates.

Partial denture

partial-denture-roseville-dentistPartial denture replaces the missing teeth in both jaws in situation when it's impossible to create a bridge or when there are no teeth that could serve as bridge carriers and implant can't be placed (due to health or financial reasons). Partial dentures can be made of acrylate or wironit.

  • with acrylic  base and clasp
  • with a metal base and clasp
  • partial prosthetic held  by attachment clasp
  • partial prosthetic held by a telescope crown