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Implant prosthodontics

There are few possibilities when it's matter of implantoprosthetic recovery of jaw, depending on the number of the teeth which have to be replaced: one or more individual teeth on the implant, a bridge on the implant, dentures on implants and All-on-4.

Implantoprosthetic recovery of jaw

Implants+ Bridges

This is a method with implants and bridges, where implants have a role of tooth root and on top of them is installed fixed bridge.

All-on-four implants

It is a method for patients with no teeth or with complete dentures which allows them to get a complete fixed dental solution at once. This method is especially good for patients with less jaw bone because it is not necessary to upgrade it. The process is based on bridge which is firmed on implants.

Implants + prosthetics

This is a method with crossbar implants, where they function as an anchor for replacement teeth. This is a good option which allows patients to put off the denture and clean it.

dentalni implantati all on 6