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mobilna michigan1. Michigan splints are made with functionally damaged patients. They are made of transparent acrylic and must contain the specific geometric protocol.
Splint made most often in the upper jaw. Provides a touch of all teeth in the proper bite, ie, a point of contact reduced to 0.5 mm.
Allows only canine guidance, whereby the lateral teeth and incisors in laterality as well as protrusion out of occlusal contacts
It is indicated: - the elimination of occlusal parafunctional, bruxism, crunch, squeeze
in the treatment of muscle and temporomandibular problems
with clicking temporomandibular joint.

2. Splints for teeth whitening and fluoridation

These are individually made, heat-pressurizing, the splint of plastic material, thickness 1 mm, optimally adapted to the course of the dental arch and gingiva.